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Why Infographic Resume is bad and
you should use our ATS CV instead?

ATS CV will be easier to read and ATS-friendly CV could pass any Applicant Tracking System that has been used by big companies especially MNC and GLC companies to filter high-quality candidates

Infographic Resume might look great and style but it's empty without any valuable content/information like our ATS CV did.

If You Have Tried Everything Else And Still Can't Get A Job, This Is The Last Option You Need.

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Why GetMe Hired CV focus more on content rather than design?

We want to help you get impressed by the employer because of your content/value instead of the unnecessary design.

With valuable content and information on your CV, this will wow the hiring manager and help you be shortlisted for the interview.

GetMe Hired CV focus on content that shows your capability that will make you unique candidates and be stand out from other candidates.

Why GetMe Hired?

Our “ Secret CV Structure” has a proven formula/format that has already helped more than our 30 clients landed a job at top MNC and GLC companies

Our CV writer from TESL background have been proofreading and developing more than 800 CVs before

Our library on Member Area will keep updated Tips & Tricks from time to time

Our latest vacancies on Discord will be updated faster than Twitter and easier to find based on field

The Perks Being Our Customer.

Get Top Notch ATS-CV
Get Access To Our Tips And Tricks On Our Member Site
Get Faster Update of Vacancies On Our Discord
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GetMe Hired Customer Success Stories

Case Study 1

“I have interviewed with two overseas company. One from Singapore and one from the UK. Thanks to your service, I got both of them! I decided to go for SG since its closer to home. I’m so grateful that I came across your service, your template and proofreading is TOP NOTCH! I would highly recommend to anyone’s who is job hunting at the moment! Just give GetMe Hired a chance and you wont regret! Cant wait to start this my new journey at a different country! From RM4200 in MY to SGD 4500 in SG. Thanks to GetMe Hired service! – Izham”

Case Study 2

We are happy to share that one of our customers successfully landed a job at AmBank as a Graduate Digital Executive
Hi, I just wanna say thank you for existing and providing the service. I’ve been job hunting since I graduated in 2020 and been fixing my CV almost every week until I found your service at Twitter. Long story short, I’ve been accepted to work at AmBank as a Graduate Digital Executive under a program called AmDigital Graduate Program and will start working at 9/5/22, after Raya. Again, thank you so much. I wish you all the best and may your business keep growing. Cheers! - Hadri

Case Study 3

This is Alamin, a graduate From Universiti Malaya. He Is one of our customers who took
ATS-Friendly CV Writing And successfully landed a job at Public Bank.
I would like to say that this is not like an usual CV writing services out there. While I stumbled upon these kind of services where they have almost similar templates, with varieties of colours to choose. Meanwhile, your service focus on what's matter: content and professionalism. Funny that I just found out about how there's certain CV that is an ATS Friendly, and my previous resume was not meeting that standard. Your writing now have changed my CV to a better and improved it to a greater heights, where all the keywords were highlighted. I felt more confident with the new look. Thank you! - Alamin

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For Professional CV Writing-Basic and CV Professional  Writing-Pro, we will give you a template to fill up, you need to push yourself and put effort to give all the details that we need and just follow our special structure. Then, we will proofread and fully rewrite your CV with a lot of Power Verbs and some magic that will highlight your strength and skills.

Many people nowadays love to use Infographics Resume. For us, it is not compatible with ATS, does not have professional looks and is too focused on unnecessary design. Our CV focuses more on content/keyword rather than design and highlights you as a great talent.

  1. For CV Writing – Basic takes around 5-10 working days after submission.
  2. For CV Writing – Pro takes around 1 – 4 working days after submission.

No, we just provide a template, if you have problems writing your CV, we suggest you purchase CV Writing – Basic or CV Writing Pro.

The formatting is simple and easy to scan. ATS-CV friendly contains keywords that match the job ad, highlight relevant work experience and professional skills.

It depends on the strength of your background and past experience during your study/work. We only offer ATS CV friendly that will help you get interviews, however, to make you get a job offer its really depend on how you perform in the interview.

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